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Camps & Small-group

We want to be a compliment to your team training, however having a focus on games approach to improve your invdidual skills. This means we use drills that have great retention and transfer to your games. At our camps you will learn the methods that have helped players coming in to basketball schools, national team, college play and professional play in Europe.

Some themes of Camps:

- Speed & Attack Camp (2-day camp to become a faster basketball player with and without the ball)

- Shooting Camp (2-day camp to improve your shooting - of the catch, ball pick-ups and more)

- Week camp (4/5-day camp covering shooting, passing, physical development, mental training)

Coach & engage players

Book Drillo to teach you how to teach the game in a way that motivates the players:

- Games Approach

- Constraints led approach

- Gamification

- Skills training that transfers to the game

Get Inspired

Sharing is caring! We do it by creating clincis and courses sharing what Patrik have learnt from travelling to big basketball countries such as Lithuania, Italy, Spain, USA and more.

Examples of clinics:

- Games Approach (2 hours clinic teaching you how to create practices and drills using Games Approach to Coaching Basketball)

- Play Ball (2-3 hours clinic introducing concepts on how to create practices and drills for kids 3-7 years)

- Skills training (clinics on teaching skills that have retention and transfer to the game)


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